Webinar: Strategies to control insect pests that are not manageable with insecticides

Leaf miners are hard to control with chemicals.

Many groups of insect pests can be easily managed with relatively simple cultural strategies combined with insecticides, and through the increasing availability of low-risk IPM-friendly insecticides, which can be used to preserve predators and parasitoids and manage insect pests.

But what do you do when dealing with insect pests with no registered insecticides, no commercially available biological control agents, and have limited information available on control actions?

In an hour-long webinar on Wednesday November 17 at 11am (AEDT), the project team from Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QDAF) will discuss best practice methods and share management tools and strategies to minimise difficult insect groups including:

Pests that cannot easily be controlled by pesticides
Pests which may live underground or within plant leaves and stems
Those that swarm and appear out of nowhere
The free webinar will provide tools and strategies to minimise such pests, including techniques growers can focus cultural practices on potentially weak links in the lifecycle of insect pests including, scale insects, insects that bore into stems, feed on roots, have leaf mining larvae and that are general resistant/tolerant to insecticides.

Book or see more at https://yourlevyatwork.com.au/webinar-strategies-to-control-insect-pests-that-are-not-manageable-with-insecticides/

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