Membership FAQ’s

How do I login?

Go to enter your email address and saved password you set up on initial on-line payment in July 2018 or as reset since.

What email should I use to enquire regarding on-line membership and renewal processes?

Please contact the team on  NOT

How do I know what email is recorded with HMAA?

If you are receiving emails from HMAA that is your HMAA recorded email address 

What if it is different? …you may have changed your email address and not notified HMAA

Please send an email to to change the email address.

How do I retrieve my password?

At login at 
• Scroll down and Click on ‘retrieve password’
• A new password will be sent to your HMAA registered email address 
• Retrieve your new password from the email and follow the link back to the HMAA website.
• If you do not see the password in your inbox please check your ‘junk’ and ‘spam’ folders
• Your firewall may be set to block certain emails. If you are skilled in these areas  please notify your network administrator for assistance, the HMAA webmaster can not assist with this issue.
• Alternatively, close down your internet search engine and try again later

Why do I need to keep my membership details up to date?

• HMAA and affiliated states are obliged to keep details as prescribed by incorporation regulations 
• The following details are obligatory: name, address, email, phone, state of membership, and Agreement to apply the Code of Ethics and Purposes of the Association. 
• The system will not enable you to change your name or email address 
• Remember to regularly verify your membership details that are displayed in the public directory.
• The public directory is a complimentary promotional service provided on our behalf. 
• The public directory assists any prospective contacts refer to your details. 

Why am I not listed online in the public directory?

• You may have selected the option to not be listed in the public directory.
• To amend login and check your options.
• Your subscription may be over due and your profile will be archived until payment is received. Once payment is made your profile will again be visible in the public directory. 

How do I show my details in the Public Member’s Directory?

Log into your account  and check the following: 
• See if you have Set up your profile 
• Do not note your company nor employer in the business card, membership is for individuals only
• Check the list of options under ‘Privacy Settings – Public Membership Directory’
• Read the sentences carefully and select the options that you wish to make private. 

What are the benefits of being an HMAA and affiliate member?

• An integrated approach to on-line news for all members
• Online profile building on HMAA Website to promote members.
• HMAA members only can enter the HMAA Laurels and Joy Harland Prizes
• National Public Liability Insurance for all paid up HMAA members at HMA and state affiliate events
• Access to e-News and Press Release information with latest plant, product and industry information for your media work
• Keep up to date with interstate events and book online through our new website
• Be part of a unified Association with a greater national voice

What types of HMAA membership are available?

• Ordinary Membership – is open to individuals only who create, present and/or edit horticultural and gardening related material in electronic, print or verbal form. Work includes voluntary work.
• Life Member may be conferred by the associations to those members who meet various criteria and is an open membership.
• Associate members in Affiliated State HMA bodies may accept horticultural – or garden-related companies or corporations. Contact your state body for all enquiries.

What does my annual membership fee include?

• HMAA national membership 
• State membership affiliation is as per your state of residence. NOTE a few long term members remain in their original state of residence under a grand-father agreement in 2018. 
• State of residence membership 
• Membership is 1st July to end June. 
• Access to winter Joy HARLAND or THE LAURELS

What is the Joining Procedure?

• On-line membership application only
• Complete all the required details in the application 
• Pay on-line
• There is an option for auto-renewal as well as manual annual on-line payment options.
• On completion a payment confirmation receipt will be emailed to you.
• Membership is held in the ‘Pending membership’ folder 
• Notice and application details is sent to the relevant state body for approval.
• The state secretary will formally notify you of the status of your membership.
• If approved your profile will be made live in the ‘Public Directory’ with the details you ticked during the registration process.
• Membership badge may either be presented by the state body or you may purchase one on line – see Membership badge tab at!form/Badges
• If the application is not successful the relevant state secretary will inform you and your application fee will be refunded

Renewing your Membership?

• First Notice will be sent June 1st for the following financial year membership 
• Then at set periods until 93 after due date
• Members whose subscription is not received by October 1st will be non-financial and members will need to rejoin
• After July 1st members’ names will be archived and not listed on the members directory until payment is received for the current financial year membership 
• Members need to hold continuous membership of minimum of 15 months prior to the next award – either Joy HARLAND OR THE LAURELS.

What is the HMAAustralia members only website address?

What is the HMAA ABN?

55 016 759 841

Is HMAA registered for GST?


What is the  Statement of Purposes