Horticultural Media Association Australia Incorporated (HMAA) is the national body representing the Horticultural Media Associations incorporated in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. These organisations provide forums through which people (including gardening writers & photographers) actively involved in the presentation of horticulture and gardening to the industry and general public can meet together to discuss common interests and issues.

HMAA Office Bearers and Executive for the 2020-21 Financial Year:

Matthew Carroll NSW
Vice President:
Jennifer Stackhouse TAS
George Hoad NSW
Tammy Huynh NSW
Executive members:
Jillian Coomb
Chantal de Vere
QLD (and e-news editor)
Chantal Tennace VIC;
Marion Pennicuik VIC;
Deryn Thorpe WA


Horticultural Media Association Australia had its origins in a meeting of interested parties at a nursery and garden industry conference in Adelaide (SA) in 1994.

HMA Vic Inc and HMA SA Inc were formed that year, with HMA Qld Inc following shortly after. Initially, HMA Vic represented media personnel in Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales. In 2002, the NSW group decided to form their own state association and HMA NSW Inc was born. In October 2004, HMAA was established as the national ‘umbrella’ organisation to represent members and their state organisations at a national level.

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