Eden Unearthed Media Release

It’s two weeks till Eden Unearthed: Art in the Gardens launches, and it’s beginning to get more than a little exciting. Some of the art works have already been installed, and the week ahead is a very busy time for the 35 artists involved.

This is the fifth iteration of Eden Unearthed and for a time it seemed this year might be COVID cancelled again, but Simon and Anna Ainsworth really wanted to support artists in what has been a truly difficult time. They have persevered and “pivoted”, so press on we did.

The result is that this wonderful celebration of art and the people who create it, and the parks and gardens and what they mean to a community as only lockdown can reveal! The teamwork and collaboration between those who create and those who nurture is firmly embedded in all of these installations. One thing that surprisingly a pandemic can reveal is the importance of art and culture in our lives.

Breathe deep, unearth your senses and, at last, let your spirits soar.

Tickets to the exhibition are free, with donations collected for Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets on booking with Eventbrite.

The poster features a work by Basilios Papaioannou titles “Leonardi Di Hawke”.

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