Webinar: Strategies to control insect pests that are not manageable with insecticides

Many groups of insect pests can be easily managed with relatively simple cultural strategies combined with insecticides, and through the increasing availability of low-risk IPM-friendly insecticides, which can be used to preserve predators and parasitoids and manage insect pests. But what do you do when dealing with insect pests with […]

Webinar: Preparedness key to building nursery industry capacity in biosecurity incursions

  For growers and nursery businesses, the threat of biosecurity incursions can have a knock-on effect of social and economic instability, impacting business and supply continuity. Growers and interested parties are invited to attend a webinar on Friday, October 15 to learn more about these impacts. (Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_JxlwdFUxQvCNjIcW-yWa8Q)