Postcard from Italy

John Mason continues his travels and has now reached Italy where the summer’s heat has started to dry out the landscape. He sends this postcard from the south of Italy.

These images were taken at a botanical garden we visited yesterday. It was awarded the ‘Most Beautiful Park in Italy’ but it really didn’t look like it for our visit! It was definitely beautiful in part, if not fully, as it was dry because it is the middle of a very hot summer. The countryside here in the south of Italy looks like very arid parts of Australia during drought particularly inland Queensland. The photos I saw before going looked much greener!

This is the 35-hectare La Cutura Botanical Garden in Giuggianello. The Garden’s cactus collection in particular was exceptional and diverse, growing both inside a number of greenhouses, and outside. There was also an impressive and lush green parterre.

The range of plants included many species that I hadn’t encountered before even after 55 years working in horticulture. Many plants were labelled, but in Italian, though with a translator app and knowledge of botanical names that wasn’t too much of a problem.

If you are looking for something different and are a plant lover in a foreign country, discover more places like off the beaten track by searching the web for gardens near the locality you find yourself in.

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