Popular podcast turns 150

Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe are celebrating their 150th ‘All in the Dirt’ podcast this month.

The ‘All The Dirt’ podcast, which is produced and compered by HMAA members Deryn Thorpe and Steve Wood, releases its 150th recording on August 16.

The podcast, which is Australia’s most popular gardening podcast, was started four years ago by the West Australian members.

The early podcasts featured both Steve and Deryn either talking to horticultural guests or chatting about what they were doing in their own garden.
Since Steve moved to Nannup, a three-hour drive from Perth, two years ago, they often record solo.

“It’s been a lot of fun creating the podcast and we have had the honour of speaking to many of Australia’s most influential garden personalities, scientists, conservationists and horticulturists,” Deryn said.

“We’ve both learnt so much and really look forward to doing the research and having a chat with our guests.

“We try to make the podcasts a combination of science and human interest by speaking to our guests about their life and always ask them how they got interested in gardening!

“Surprisingly we now have more listeners on the east coast of Australia than in WA as the things we talk about are usually relevant to gardeners all over Australia,” Deryn said.

On the 150th episode Deryn talks with Michael McCoy, author, garden designer, blogger and presenter of Dream Gardens on ABC TV.  Some of the most popular past episodes include Matthew Evans speaking about his new book, Soil, scientist Monica Gagliano’s ground-breaking research on plant cognition, and the regular ‘Deryn and Steve’ seasonal chats on ‘what to do in the garden’.

The podcast is professionally edited and supported by a website and is sponsored by Seasol and Richgro.


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