Grow your own

By Angus Stewart and Simon Leake

(Murdoch Books, November 2017, paperback $45.00rrp)

Over the years I have found that young people have not had the same experience or knowledge handed down from parents and hence do not feel confident in growing vegetables. Here is a book that is an up to date, contemporary presentation of how and why to grow food for people living in urban areas. The two authors are well credentialed to write such a book, and they have the ability to make things clear and easily accessible for anyone to read. It was interesting that urban environments only account for twenty percent of the world’s food production, and it is obvious that many more people should, with a little guidance, be able to grow a portion of their food close to home.

This book gives innovative ideas of how to grow vegetables and herbs with case studies being important, for example rooftop gardens, raised beds, green walls and other unexplored places that give opportunities for going green. To me the most important chapters are on soils and the importance of organic matter and micro- organisms, and the content is easily accessible and will make a great present if you want to empower a gardener of tomorrow.

– Jane Edmanson

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