Webinar and book launch: Ecological restoration book and free webinar

Australian researchers have recently completed and released a new book titled Ecological Restoration: Moving forward using lessons learned. The book covers a diverse array of ecological restoration topics including grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, temperate and tropical forests. Spanning 600 pages, it is divided into 16 informative chapters. It features contributions from […]

New Book: Australian Succulents – The Unfriendly Ones, by Attila Kapitany & Jen Silcock

Full colour, A4, soft bound, 104 pages $42.00   (+Postage $15.00) Ordering details at link: A book for travellers, scholars, botanists, farmers and all lovers of Australia’s vast drylands. Colourful and beautiful images, distribution maps and detailed information about each species to help with their identification. A photographic journey through […]