Book Review: The Wisdom of Gardening

The Wisdom of Gardening

David Grodski (Hasmark Publishing International, rrp $34.07)


Dr David Grodski is a GP and landscape designer, who with wife Helen ran a very successful garden centre and landscaping business in Brighton, Melbourne for 16 years. Now retired from both the garden centre and his medical practice, David has decided to share his knowledge as a series of tips, tricks and observations. That list quickly grew in length leading to his self-published book, The Wisdom of Gardening, released on Amazon this month. It follows from his previous and best-selling book, The Wisdom of Wellness (published in 2020).

The Wisdom of Gardening isn’t just a series of long lists but is arranged in short chapters and presented with a sense of humour. It covers both gardening and landscaping and is endorsed by colleagues Jane Edmanson OAM, Alan Hollensen and myself, who all note that it is both enlightening and enjoyable to read. One of my favourite sections includes David’s observations on garden tools.: “Double ended tools are not sold anywhere, but no one said you can’t use both ends of your tools.” He then goes on to suggest some very clever ideas for both ends of a hoe and other tools.

With lovely, well-designed gardens in both Melbourne and at Bridport in Tasmania, David has demonstrated that he puts his own advice to work. The book is available from bookstores and online and is also available for Kindle.

Jennifer Stackhouse

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