Book Review: New book on fragrant plants

Yates horticulturist and HMAA member Angie Thomas has released a new book for Yates in time for summer. The book is Yates Top 50 Fragrant Plants and How NOT to Kill Them. The book is published by Harper Collins (RRP $35) and follows in the style of Yates Top 50 Indoor Plants and How NOT to Kill Them. It covers annuals such as sweet peas and alyssum, climbers including jasmine, spring and summer bulbs, and shrubs including roses, gardenia, daphne and frangipani.

Angie says there’s a scented plant for every type of garden whether it’s a courtyard, balcony, narrow passageway or a large backyard. As well, fragrant plants evoke memories of people, places and occasions she says.

The new book covers soil, feeding and watering needs for each of the 50 selected plants with details on what plants to grow in what climates and the space they need, including the best plants to grow in pots. Angie also covers what plants flower when, plants that suit beginner gardeners and the best low maintenance choices.

She says this handy reference puts fragrant plants within reach of everyone, whatever their garden space or level of experience and she has included inspirational photos.

“I hope this new book will tempt people to fill their gardens and outdoor spaces with fabulously fragrant plants.”

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