Watch the HMAA Webinar: Boabs, bottle trees and other closely related brachychitons

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Marvel at the majestic and spectacular giants of the Australian continent. Some of the presentation will show trees in habitat but with regular reference to cultivation and numerous pictures to support their incredible potential in landscape gardening and design.

While some people are aware that Australia has the Queensland bottle tree (Brachychiton rupestris), most aren’t aware of several other species within the genus that also develop bottle-shaped trunks, such as Brachychiton compactus.  This is a much rarer and much more spectacular species, primarily in that its flowers are large and the canopy luxuriant. Even rarer new species will be shown.

Though not quite as large as the famous bottle tree some other classic favourite brachychitons will be covered including Brachychiton discolor.

Attila and his wife Michele have more than 100 bottle trees in their garden in Victoria, many of them mature. Attila has authored a book on the subject. Many photos in the book were taken in the plant’s natural habitat habitat and in the garden at Narre Warren. Some very unusual cultural ideas are covered in this webinar!


The webinar will be held on November 10 at 1pm AEDT (12.30pm SA, 12 noon Qld, 10am WA).

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About Attila Kapitany

Attila is a succulent expert and author of 18 popular plant books. He is passionate about plants and has been on many collecting trips to see his favourite plants growing in the wild. He has a large garden at Narre Warren in Melbourne that features succulents, cactus and bottle trees. It is open by appointment.

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