Webinar: American Serpentine Leafminer

Keep up-to-date on pests

Industry vegetable body, AUSVEG, is holding a webinar to update growers and horticulturists about American serpentine leafminer on of the new pests recently arrived in Australia.

Four industry and scientific experts of American serpentine leafminer as they each present on the pest. They will cover all the areas that are necessary for you to prepare for this new important pest. These experts will explain the nature of the pest and the broad range of crops that it attacks, including vegetables, ornamentals and other valuable commodities.

International expert, Robert Senn will discuss the European experience of managing ASLM, while three local experts, Dr Greg Chandler, Senior Agronomist Penny Goldsmith and Dr Peter Ridland will explain current and past projects that are preparing the Australian vegetable industry for this pest, what to look for, and the future of management, including what beneficial insects may help to control it.

There will be an in-field component and plenty of time for questions, so come along and join the conversation about this important new pest threat to Australia.


To apply to attend, register your interest at:


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