Unique wetland project wins Victorian Landscape of the Year

Unique wetland project wins Victorian Landscape of the Year

The typical residential and commercial landscape projects seen at previous Landscaping Victoria Industry Awards were this year upstaged by a unique wetland restoration project with the prestigious ‘Landscape of the Year’ being awarded to Australian Ecosystems for their Armstrong Creek, Connewarre project.

Brendan Condon, Director of Australian Ecosystems, and his dedicated team made multiple appearances on stage also collecting awards for ‘Plants in the Landscape’, ‘Landscape Maintenance & Management’, and ‘The Natural Built Landscape’.  Judges’ comments about the project described the Connewarre project as “a major environmental project that is immaculately detailed, making it a community success – a beautiful place for walking, playing and enjoying the outdoors for humans, and through natural

rock placement and the use of tree stags as habitat areas, a sanctuary for wildlife too.

“Australian Ecosystems have delivered wow factor on a grand scale.  Sustainability principles, water usage, and plant selection have all come together to deliver a project that works harmoniously on all levels and does nothing to distract from the natural environment, but rather, enhances it. This is a stellar project for Victoria and an incredible showcase of the breadth of work Landscaping Victoria members can perform,” the judges went on to say.

There were many other worthy winners as part of the annual Landscaping Victoria Industry Awards.

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