Tomato: Know sow grow feast

By Penny Woodward, Janice Sutton, Karen Sutherland

Karen leads you through organic heirloom tomato growing, from seed sowing to feeding, pruning and training. She outlines a variety of ways to grow, tells the stories of some passionate growers and helps you keep problems at bay with an extensive illustrated pest and disease section.

Penny chronicles the history of heirloom tomato varieties in Australia and explains how to breed your own heirloom tomatoes. She also details why tomatoes are so good for you, and why a red tomato is red! Finally, Penny lists, and describes in detail, more than 220 different heirloom tomatoes that can be sourced in Australia today.

Janice explores the enticing and diverse range of heirloom tomato flavours, describes in detail how to select, prepare, preserve and cook heirloom tomatoes, and explains how to create the perfect tomato passatta and paste. Finally, she shares more than 60 delicious tomato recipes from renowned chefs and passionate tomato lovers throughout Tasmania, Australia and beyond!
For tomato lovers, gardeners and cooks; and all those who love beautiful books.

“This is the ultimate book on tomatoes, brimming with information based on experience. It covers everything anyone ever needs to know about selecting, growing and using the best and tastiest tomatoes in all districts and climates.” Peter Cundall 2018
RRP $60. Hardcover. 376 pages. ISBN 9780646982748 Full colour throughout.
Available from selected bookshops and from the authors, Penny at, Karen at, Janice

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