91-year-old Hall of Fame photographer dedicates 28th book to the preservation of trees

From abstract close-ups to aerials, a new book; The Tree, by iconic photographer Richard Woldendorp AM reveals the beauty and wonder of Australian trees.

Trees are the biggest plants on earth, and its longest living species. Woldendorp says ‘Trees have sustained human existence for millennia, providing not only oxygen but also shelter, food, wood for burning and raw materials. And yet, we are losing billions of trees every year to logging and deforestation at unsustainable rates. Conservation is needed not only for their protection: trees are necessary for our own survival’. In this spectacular volume, the 91-year-old landscape photographer says in this book he wanted to showcase the individual statements made by trees, while highlighting our need to conserve them as the basis of our own survival. ‘Every tree has its own personality – no two are the same. Like people, they emerge from the circumstances of their environment’ says Woldendorp.

Published by Fremantle Press The Tree will be released on 1 December 2018.

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