Super Bloom is a super book

Reviewed by Jennifer Stackhouse

Jac Semmler from the horticultural business Super Bloom has written a book of the same name. It is a huge book, packed with information about growing plants that will fill your garden with flowers and bring all the benefits blooms have to offer.

It is rich with large and beautiful photographs and the text is easy-to-read and follow. As well as detailed profiles on a wide range of flowering plants, Jac also includes ‘how-to’ information (such as dividing bearded iris) and inspiring plant combinations.

“I was delighted to be approached by publisher Thames and Hudson with the opportunity to craft a book,” says Jac. “I believed that Super Bloom must be a delightful and accessible book that conveys beauty in the words, illustrations, and photography (captured by Sarah Pannell) and be a wonderful timeless friend for a gardener much like a ‘cook’s companion’ with flower fundamentals.

“Plants are for all, and I am proud that so many readers have been in touch – they love the planting partners, the manifesto on beauty and permission follow their own journey as a gardener.”

The book is not just available for Australian readers. It has had an international release, reflecting the importance of the experience of Australian gardeners, who have long battled with droughts, floods and heat. Jac helps share this knowledge with gardeners in all parts of the globe who are facing new challenges from climate change.

“Our thinking and preparedness for climatic change for example is invaluable for the future,” says Jac.

She is very proud of the book and its international release.

“Also, as a practitioner there is a great satisfaction to publishing a book – our working with plants is always evolving and progressing. It is wonderful to have a physical end product and one that is so beautiful.

“The recent release in North America and the United Kingdom is beyond my dreams for Super Bloom and illustrates the public’s hunger to beauty and for gardening books that warmly encourage any gardener to grow beauty,” says Jac.

“There is a wonderful satisfaction in seeing a piece of your work on prominent shelves in different countries. Australian practitioners have unique perspectives to share with the gardening world especially living and gardening in the land of extremes.


Super Bloom: A field guide to flowers for every gardener (rrp $90) is available direct from the author, Jac Semmler, on her website [add link] and in all great bookstores.

To hear more from Jac Semmler, catch her webinar with Dr Claire Forster on ‘Woody Meadows’ on the HMAA website. [add the link]. Follow Jac on socials as @jac.semmler and @superbloomau.

To see more of photographer Sarah Pannell here. []

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