Pohlmans Trials Week

Kale Candy Crush

Pohlmans Trials Week is held every year during late May/early June. The event provides an opportunity for retail buyers and industry professionals to view potential new releases growing side-by-side existing varieties. It is also where you can get the first glimpse of completely new introductions.

Interstate members may already be familiar with some of these releases, but the bonus for Queenslanders is that plants are trialed here for their tolerance of heat and humidity. Gardeners demonstrate more faith in a Pohlmans labelled release than in some releases shipped from southern states.

Kale Candy Crush promises to be the world’s first truly edible ornamental purple kale. According to Pohlmans, ‘ . . . this fluorescent pink/purple annual adds loads of nutrition to your cooking . . . and has a surprisingly sweet aftertaste. Candy Crush also keeps its colour when cooked.’

Sol Luna New Guinea impatiens will be released in limited numbers in 2023. This selection can cope with heat and humidity, making it perfect for Queensland coastal conditions. It is also long flowering.

Dahlias continue to grow in popularity and there are several new selections in the Happy Days range, which are notable for their striking dark contrasting foliage. Look for Fuchsia Halo (bright pink with a yellow eye), Purple and Cherry.

Patio and potted garden enthusiasts will be delighted with new additions to the Jewel (30cm) and Terrazza (40-70cm) rose range. These rose selections have demonstrated black spot and powdery mildew resistance and long flowering potential, despite unrelenting summer rainfall and humidity.

Pohlmans 2023

Pohlmans Trials Week is an annual event held at 171 Redbank Creek Road, Adare QLD 4343. The event is advertised in nursery industry newsletters and on the Pohlmans website about six weeks in advance of the event. To attend, you must register in advance and book into one of the allocated timeslots. Whilst onsite, you must adhere to all biosecurity sanitation regulations while being escorted around the nursery. Places are limited and fill quickly. If you are planning an early winter holiday in SE Queensland next year, make a note in your diary to book a visit to Trials Week at Queensland’s largest wholesale production facility.

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