News from the National Agricultural Plastics Stewardship Scheme

The National Agricultural Plastics Stewardship Scheme is working to develop a viable market to recycle agricultural plastics. It has achieved key milestones in recent months with the rollout of pilot projects in north-west Victoria and Queensland. 

The project team from agricultural consultancy RMCG and Growcom continues to work extensively with over 400 plastics and agriculture industry stakeholders throughout the supply chain to determine the scale of agricultural plastic waste, explore feasibility of potential recycling solutions and test collection and logistics approaches.

Additional achievements over the past 18 months include:

  • Refining target plastic types to include protective plastic films and covers, irrigation pipes, tubes and tape, plastic netting and shade cloth
  • Developing guidelines for standards and quality assurance protocols, including supply chain barriers and opportunities as well as standards for on-farm retrieval and collection
  • Analysing existing and potentially viable technology for on-farm retrieval, collection, processing and production of agricultural plastics.

You can also read a detailed update on the progress of the National Agricultural Plastics Stewardship Scheme by downloading the report Here. Growers in north-west Victoria can access more information on the pilot scheme Here.


Further information

If you have any questions or feedback please contact our project team, Dr Anne-Maree Boland (RMCG) at or Scott Wallace (Growcom) at

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