New Book: Australian Succulents – The Unfriendly Ones, by Attila Kapitany & Jen Silcock

Full colour, A4, soft bound, 104 pages

$42.00   (+Postage $15.00)

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A book for travellers, scholars, botanists, farmers and all lovers of Australia’s vast drylands.

Colourful and beautiful images, distribution maps and detailed information about each species to help with their identification.

A photographic journey through the intriguing but often overlooked world of Australian native succulent and spinescent plants. These plants are widespread across inland Australia and are familiar to travellers and residents who typically curse them. Beyond these annoying and sometimes painful encounters lie a group of plants with fascinating ecologies that have evolved to live in some of Australia’s harshest environments.

They are keystone plants providing shelter, food and water to other flora and fauna including some of our rarest animals and birds: Bilbies, Numbats, Rock-Wallabies, the legendary Night Parrot and Splendid Parrot.

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