Media Release: Free ebook – Gardening After A Flood


6 December 2022

Free ebook – Gardening After A Flood

HMAA (Qld) member, Kate Wall has recently released her third book, Gardening After A Flood. This book has been released as an ebook only to allow it to be freely available to anyone who needs this information. Kate has significant experience in post flood gardening in South-East Qld and Northern NSW, but as flooding continues to be catastrophic across vast areas of the eastern Australia, it seemed that the best way to support all gardeners in need was to compile detailed information into a free ebook.

The book is available as a free download as either pdf or epub format via Kate’s website:

Please feel free to share this link to your social media, newsletters etc to support your own clients and followers who have been affected by flooding. The original files are available to be embedded into your website for download directly from your own website.

Flooding can cause huge damage to a garden, not just by drowning plants, but also causing severe soil damage through waterlogging, compaction and siltation. Kate advises, “If gardeners can get in a start repairing their soil early, they will lose less plants. Even if they cannot start repairing their garden until months later, the strategies outlined in this book will make the job easier, more successful and reduce the need for machinery.”

The book includes Kate’s experience working in over 150 flood impacted gardens in 2011 and 2022, as well as her extensive experience in talking to impacted gardeners in both urban and rural settings.

Kate won the 2022 Anita Boucher Award for Outstanding Achievement in Horticulture at the HMAA Laurel awards in recognition of her work to support flood impacted gardeners. Flooding in Australia has not stopped, so the need for support is as great as ever. “For a gardener, losing a beloved garden is almost as devastating as damage to their home. As a fellow gardener, I want to be able to support other gardeners to get back to gardening as successfully as possible,” said Kate.

This ebook has been gratefully supported by Earthlife and Bassett Barks to allow it to be permanently free.

For further information, or for copies of the ebook files to embed in your website please contact Kate Wall.

Ph: 0448 460 037



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