KNIGHT’S ROSES release Bees’ Paradise Rose Collection

Knight’s Roses introduce a collection of New Age Landscape Roses to appeal to nature lovers – New Release for 2021

Bees’ Paradise® is a range of top performing landscape roses for professional use in parks and gardens as well as an exciting addition for home gardens. The four varieties from German rose breeder, Tantau, will delight nature lovers and create a colourful display in every garden.
These landscape roses are a sustainable solution that will bring beauty and colour, combined with the efficiency of minimal maintenance. They are ideal in mass planting, or in small groups, borders, rockeries and containers. Four to six plants per square metre will create a carpet of flowers.

Bees’ Paradise Roses® are dense, compact and bushy with a low spreading habit to cover the ground, growing up to approximately 40-60cm in height. These varieties feature almost continuous flowering and the spent flowers drop reasonably cleanly. The large clusters of single or semi-double flowers open fully to allow the pollen and nectar to be easily accessible to bees and other insects. The plants are surprisingly tough with healthy, disease tolerant foliage and a high resistance to summer heat and sunburn.
Rosen Tantau have created an excellent colour range and the first four varieties being introduced in Australia in 2021 are Red, Pink, White and a salmon-yellow Bicolour.
The bees are drawn to the prominent yellow stamens and the colour yellow. Given the volume of flowers and long flowering season, these roses contribute to the survival of bees offering food for most of the year.
Bees are the world’s most important pollinator, transferring pollen between flowering plants and keeping the cycle of life turning. The vast majority of plants we need for food, including fruits, vegetables and nuts, rely on pollination especially by bees. In fact, nearly two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural production benefits from honey bee pollination.
Award winning Bees’ Paradise Roses ® will be launched throughout Australia in 2021 as bagged 2-year-old roses in winter, freshly potted 2-year-old plants in August and September and as potted roses grown from cuttings in October onwards.

For online orders or more information contact Knight’s Roses, Jack Cooper Drive, Gawler, South Australia, email: or phone (08) 8523 1311.

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