Introducing PictureThis – A botanist in your pocket!

Now that lockdown is over and the sun is out, Australians are starting to return to the office, travel interstate and enjoy the great outdoors.

This presents two dilemmas for plant lovers. Firstly, like pets, plants can be temperamental. This means that many popular plants that were bought during lockdown may now be looking the worse for wear.

Additionally, when visiting Australia’s beautiful gardens and nature reserves, budding botanists may not be able to identify many of the plants they encounter.

Enter the PictureThis app – a botanist in your pocket! With PictureThis, users can simply take or upload a photo of any plant and get instantaneous and accurate plant ID results thanks to revolutionary artificial intelligence technology.

PictureThis can identify more than 10,000 plant species with 98% accuracy, better than most human experts! It can also diagnose sick plants and provide care advice. Premium subscribers also get exclusive consultations with plant experts.

Conveniently, the PictureThis app will also provide a plant’s Latin name, which will save the confusion that can eventuate over common plant names.

For example, there are more than 300 species of Grevillea, the majority of which are endemic to Australia. The PictureThis app digs deeper and can tell users if the plant they’re looking at is a Grevillea berryana or a Grevillea banksia.

Plant lovers can download PictureThis for iPhones and Android phones. There’s a free seven-day trial. It’s $39.99 AUD for a premium subscription. For more information visit


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