International Floralies Nantes 2019

As once Montaigne said, “If life is nothing more than a passage, let’s at least sow flowers along it”.

The floral expo International Floralies, which will take place in Nantes (France) from the 8th to the 19th of May 2019, is taking inspiration just right from this concept: retracing all men’s life phases under a floral point of view.
Since 1956, every 5 years more than 500 exhibitors coming from all around the world – florists, architects and many more – are gathering in Nantes to expose their creations to more than 500.000 visitors, bewitching people of all ages.
The one of the Floralies is an international and unique experience, which allows amateurs and professionals coming from a great number of different cultures to share a life changing experience.
Immersed in a dreamy atmosphere, the 12th edition of the Floralies will be characterized by a 7 areas map, which will represent every phase of men’s life: from the carefreeness of the first years of his existance to the wisdom that he obtains during his last ones.
In addiction to all this, the floral musical show “Naturya” will make the entire exposition even more magic, lighting up the Grand Palais every night with amazing lights and musics.

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