Iconic nursery up for sale

David Glenn and Criss Canning have announced that they are selling Lambley Nursery at Ascot in Victoria. The nursery has had a major impact on gardening in Australia through David’s concentration on plants that can cope with Australian conditions. His home and nursery garden are a showcase for Lambley’s plants and artist Criss Canning has captured many of the garden’s flowers in her artwork.

In announcing the sale David wrote:

“It’s with a great deal of sadness that Criss and I have decided to sell Lambley nursery. I haven’t been in the best of health lately and I’ll be 80 years old this coming April. The time has come for me to retire.
Criss and I bought “Burnside” and its attached 30-odd acres just over 30 years ago. At the time it was a neglected property. Making the garden and bringing the 1860’s bluestone farmhouse back to its former glory over the past 31 years has been a task that has given us a huge amount of satisfaction and nourishment.
Lambley has wonderful customers and sharing the garden with them has been a joy. I’ll be running the nursery and maintaining the gardens until the new custodian takes over.
Lambley Nursery and “Burnside” goes on the market this weekend (February 4). The sales agent is Andreana Donhardt of Buxton Real Estate: phone 0417 876 985, email adonhardt@buxton.com.au.

HMAA wish David and Criss every success in retirement.

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