HMASA announces plan to promote garden tourism

Carrick Hill in SA will be included on the state’s proposed website to promote garden tourism.
Carrick Hill in SA will be included on the state’s proposed website to promote garden tourism.

Trevor Nottle, President of HMASA, has outlined a plan to launch a website to promote open gardens in early 2022. HMASA reports.

The recent HMA (SA) AGM dinner meeting held at the Robin Hood Hotel at Kensington in late August took on a different slant when President Trevor Nottle outlined the group’s Tourism Sub-Committee’s exciting and positive news.

He spoke to members about the amount of hard work, research and findings that the Tourism Sub-Committee chaired by Michael Keelan had undertaken behind the scenes over the past few months. He said that this sub-committee is now ready to propose some exciting ideas for the horticultural industry as well as the general public. He detailed their plan that would further promote garden tourism in SA, which he said was the “second fastest growing tourism sector in the world today”.

“Our industry is diverse and generous and we as a group are continually promoting our beautiful botanic gardens, our national parks, walking tracks, private and government historic gardens along with our open gardens for all to enjoy,” he said. “The Tourism Sub-Committee has assembled a knowledge base of all the necessary elements for a successful venture and they can be relied upon to deliver a philanthropic gift to the gardeners of South Australia and beyond.”

The Tourism Sub-Committee proposes to bring to the public a compilation of garden-related events and information for local travellers and tourists to SA. Trevor detailed plans for a website; a digital platform that can be updated regularly as a guide for the general public, and all travellers including local, interstate and even overseas tourists.

“Information would be clear and concise, taking viewers to relevant pages with links to other sites that would include a monthly calendar that will be known as the Australian Gardener’s Calendar,” he said. There would also be links to affiliated organisations like open gardens as well as public gardens and national parks.

Trevor’s presentation and proposal, which he said is in full accordance with the HMASA’s constitution, was well received.

“This will certainly be the beginning of something much needed as we strive to develop garden tourism including garden trails and events that link with accommodation, food, wine and other attractions,” Trevor said.

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