State legacy funds support school garden awards in Victoria

HMAA is proud to announce that the association forged by HMA Vic will continue with sponsorship of an award as part of the Victorian Schools Gardens Program (VSGP) for 2022.

Paul Crowe OAM and the late Kevin Heinze, who was instrumental in setting up HMA Vic, set up the VSGP in 1977. The HMA Vic had a long involvement with the VSGP and has requested that a portion of its legacy funds be used to maintain the association between the two organisations. Victoria-based HMAA member Leigh Siebler said he is happy that funds can continue to be used in this way. Each state body that has joined the national body maintains its legacy funds which can be used for state projects or to benefit members in other ways.

For the 2022 awards, HMAA is sponsoring the award for Best School Garden Exhibiting Biodiversity. The award will go to the gardens that encourage a variety of plant and animal life found within their specified geographic area with three awards each of $1000 (one per school category).

Applications are now open and close on September 9 at 5pm with winners announced later in the year. More information can be found at

Updated June 3, 2022

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