Free Webinar: What Does Ecosystem Restoration Look Like?

Join the Soilfoodweb school to be inspired by tales of biological resurgence, climate change mitigation, and improved human livelihoods. Hear from filmmaker and ecologist, John D. Liu, about how regenerating ecosystem function is “the great work of our time.” Yasmin Mohamud from ERC, Dryland Solutions, Somalia, will explain how her community project is restoring the surrounding ecosystem through harvesting rainwater, implementing soil-restoration practices, utilizing plant nurseries for re-planting denuded areas, and more. Maged El Said from ERC, Habiba Community, Egypt, will showcase a regenerative tourism model consisting of an organic farm, learning center, and ecotourism lodge. Dr. Elaine Ingham and Dr. Carla Portugal will join us at the webinar to help answer your questions. Click here to register for this and other free webinars

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