Free Webinar: Australian Migration Law Reforms – for Employers + Business in Hort

What do the new Australian overseas worker law reforms mean for your hort/landscape/arb business?

Qualified overseas workers are ready to migrate to Australia, and when they do, they bring extraordinary benefits to the workplaces that sponsor them. They’ve worked hard to gain skills and formal qualifications in horticulture, landscaping and arboriculture, and their resumes are on file with Hort People, ready to send to employers like you.

Hiring overseas workers often gets put in the “too hard” basket, but it’s not like hiring local workers is any easier with the current skill shortage crisis. The relevant legislation has recently changed, so now’s the best time to understand the process.

Jump on the free overseas webinar I’m setting up with immigration lawyer Marsha Bassilly, who’s kindly compiled all the relevant information for our industry.

The webinar is on Tuesday the 16th of May at 2pm.



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