Christmas in the west with special Christmas trees in bloom

Left to right: Mark Tucek, Deryn Thorpe, Don Dryden, Justin Whitley, Rae Burton with dog Ella, Andrea Whitley and John Colwill. Photo by Faye Arcaro.

Deryn Thorpe reports that the end of year function for HMAA WA members was held in the garden of Faye Arcaro in Jandakot.

Faye’s 1.6-hectare (four -acre) garden is set within banksia woodland. We wandered around the garden with a glass of bubbles in hand.

Mark Tucek admiring WA native, Nuytsia floribunda, the parasitic Western Australian Christmas bush, in bloom. Photo Faye Arcaro.

The WA Christmas trees (Nuytsia floribunda), which produces a dazzling display of vivid yellow/orange flowers around December, were much admired. These plants are the biggest parasitic plant in the world and the shrubs in Faye’s bushland garden, one as big as a small tree, were just starting to bloom.

The garden rooms included fruit trees and vegetables, a tropical-style pool garden, shade houses with Faye’s collections of rhipsalis, stapelia, aroids and so much more!

After the tour we sat on the patio to share a light meal and fellowship.

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