Book Review: Spirit of the Garden

Spirit of the Garden By Trisha DixonBOOK REVIEW

Spirit of the Garden
By Trisha Dixon
NLA Publishing – 200pp

RRP:  $AU65.00

Gardens and broader man-made and natural landscapes not only appeal to the senses of sight and sound but, as well known writer Trisha Dixon expresses in this latest work, it is also their feel or atmosphere that often has a lasting impact on those who view them.
Commissioned by the National Library of Australia, this book had its beginnings in Trisha’s own garden in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. She says in her introduction: “ …. in a valley far removed from the helter skelter of the everyday world ….. I am firmly entrenched in this ancient landscape, in this valley gently enfolded by hills, with a creek flowing through.”
From her own garden, she takes the reader on a journey around Australia and a few other parts of the world, to those landscapes that have a lasting impact – a feel or air that captures the heart and mind and stays with you long after you’ve left.
The book features a series of written reflections interwoven with Trisha’s own photographs that explore the value in the spirit of gardens and landscapes and the different approaches taken in their design. Her message is the need to understand and respect the environment in our garden-making – approach nature with humility rather than a desire to control it.
This is a book that inspires while reflecting on what it is that makes a garden or landscape special, nurtures the soul and keeps it alive in the memory
– Noelle Weatherley

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