Watch out for fire ants

Fire ant nest in a Brisbane park. Photo Kate Wall

Queensland HMAA member Kate Wall posted this photo, warning and description on Facebook of a nest discovered in a Brisbane park. Fire ants are a notifiable pest.

“Fire ants! Yes, this little mound of sand is a fire ants’ nest! Characteristically there’s no obvious entry point so it is often not even recognised as an ant’s nest. I only found this one this morning thanks to the fire ant inspector in our local park who happily answered all the questions of these nosey dog walkers.

“They like to build nests in hot open areas that get all day sun. Happily, there are no spots like that in my garden because they can fly 4km, and this nest is not that far away.

“On breaking open the nest the ants are beer bottle brown and irregular sizes. The photos don’t show this because the ants go on the attack quickly and we weren’t going to get close enough to get stung. This nest has been treated now.”

More information

From the Queensland Government website: Fire ants are dangerous, imported pests that could spread to large areas of Australia. Fire ants could severely damage the environment, our outdoor lifestyle, and the agriculture and tourism industries. They inflict a painful, fiery sting, which can, in rare cases, cause a severe acute allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). It is essential that you remain vigilant and report any suspected sightings to the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program on 13 25 23.


The dangerous fire ant. Photo Belinda Keen, NSW Government (

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