WA Wildflower UPDATE

The spectacular WA wildflowers, which put on an exceptional spring show this year due to abundant rains, have been attracting many HMAA members to the west coast.
This week Phil Dudman (NSW),  caught up with Deryn Thorpe (WA) and Angus Stewart (Tas) in Deryn’s garden. They enjoyed a few glasses of wine and a Thai meal before Phil caught the midnight horror flight home to Lismore.
Phil’s wildflower tour took him from Albany in the south of the state to Geraldton in the north. Deryn, Angus and partners spent a happy week in southern WA photographing flowers in Ravensthorpe (where they attended the 40th anniversary of the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Festival with fellow HMAA member Sabrina Hahn who is show patron) and Esperance.
Also leading wildflower tours in WA this month are Colin Barlow (WA) and Stephan Ryan (Vic).

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