Turning our food waste into clean energy, heat, water, and electricity to grow food sustainably. Australian Business with big ideas for agriculture.

Imagine being able to divert all our food waste away from landfills to create clean, renewable energy but also to help us grow food sustainably?

I am writing to you in the hope you will find the following Press Release about an award-winning Australian business of interest to you, your readers at Horticultural Media Association.

I have pulled out the main themes.

• Australian Award Winning business Enesys has received a grant from Sustainability Victoria Waste to Energy Infrastructure Fund to develop a business case to demonstrate how commercial precincts and communities can embrace circular economies.

• By diverting food and organic waste away from landfills, Enesys technologies can create renewable energy and link the by-products such as electricity, heat, and water to help grow food, power allied industries, and repurpose waste all within the one precinct or community.

• To feed our growing populations sustainably, we need to grow food where the people are, in our cities.

• We can turn our organic and food waste into clean energy, but Enesys takes this a few steps further and converts that energy into all the elements a plant needs to thrive.

• Incorporating three unconnected industries within the one precinct, Waste Recycling, Energy Creation, and Growing Food takes a change of thinking but can offer sustainability and opportunities to do things differently.

• When operating in isolation, these industries can cause environmental damage, but when placed within the same location, they can share each other’s waste and resources to help increase each other’s productivity and provide benefits to allied businesses.

• Where there were once damaging by-products of three industries, they can now share each other’s resources and help increase each other’s productivity.

Enesys is an award-winning Australian business that develops technical and economically sustainable energy and resources solutions involving the physical and commercial linking of waste, energy, growing, and manufacturing industries to close resource loops and create circular economies.

Thank you for your consideration on this topic that has the potential to create real change in the world.

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