Tree conservation concerns in SA

On October 24, HMAA SA member and media personality Sophie Thomson m’ced an event for Conservation SA called ‘It’s Time to Protect Our Trees’, held in response to huge community concerns that Adelaide is losing its magnificent old trees at an alarming rate.

This event was well attended with more than 300 people there all passionate about the need to put in place ‘Australian best practice’ for tree protection in South Australia reports Sophie.

“The crowd was passionate and feisty about what is a very important and emotive issue,” she wrote in her monthly newsletter, ‘Sophie’s Patch’. “While the night did not necessarily have a concrete outcome, it highlighted the fact we need to keep fighting for planning rules to change.”

The good news is that the presentations were recorded. Sophie recommends watching the presentation by Dr Stefan Caddy-Retalic, an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Adelaide.
“It runs for 25 minutes and is worth watching for everyone as it explains what national ‘Best Practice’ tree protection looks like”, adds Sophie. Watch it at: and then, spread the word about the value of trees.

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