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Media Release: Visionary who helped encourage CBD transformation visits Sydney to plan landmark squares and greener streets

City of Sydney 16 years after first pitching light rail and pedestrianisation down George Street, the architect of Sydney’s city centre transformation has seen the product of his work for the first time. World-renowned Danish architect and urbanist Jan Gehl was commissioned by the City of Sydney in 2007 to […]

Media Release: These miniature-sized parks could help insert more public recreational spaces into our cities.

In growing cities, where we need to squeeze the most out of every parcel of land, where do we find the space for new parks and other outdoor recreational areas? Some inner-city councils are turning to pocket parks. These miniature versions of parks can look like their larger counterparts – […]

Breaking Colour Boundaries – Dreameria® making gardeners’ dreams come true!

Meet the newest star of horticultural innovation; Dreameria® ‘Happy Dreams’. Emboldening their reputation as trailblazers, PGA InnovaBred presents a captivating addition that shatters traditional colour boundaries. This remarkable cultivar emerges in a brick-red form, boasting magnificently large blooms that are nothing short of splendour.