Specialist fungi podcast site launched

Theresa Bint and Cathy Mobbs from the website and podcast, The Sporopod.

Theresa Bint and Cathy Mobbs, who are based in South-East Queensland, have launched a new podcast called The Sporopod. It’s a free podcast all about their passion for fungi and is available on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and Spotify. It can also be found on the Sporopod website: https://www.sporopod.com.au/.

The pair said: “We’re having heaps of fun exploring the mycological world and the people in it. Coming up are truffles, research into properties of mushrooms, mushroom art, forays and ID quests and more.

“If you like what you hear, please leave a rating – it makes all the difference in the world! And please share far and wide!”

Aminita muscari or fly agaric, the subject of Theresa and Cathy’s first podcast.

The first episode, aired this week, is about the poisonous but fascinating fly agaric (Aminita muscari), which is appears in temperate areas in autumn and is easily recognised by its red cap covered with white spots that are actually remnants of the white fungal cap.

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