Sophie’s Patch is on the market

Sunset at Sophie’s Patch, Mt Barker.

Sophie Thomson’s amazing self-sufficient garden at Mount Barker in South Australia is up for sale. The TV presenter and HMAA member says she and her family are looking for a new challenge. Hear what she told local ABC radio in Adelaide about why she’s taken this next step.

Local Mt Barker resident, Nathan Rogers, has started a campaign to keep the garden open to the public and is asking for interested parties to contact him before the end of June when tenders close.

Sophie however has told readers of her regular newsletter that she has enjoyed this garden and is looking forward to the next – wherever it may be.

“To be honest,” wrote Sophie, “part of me feels sad by the way that people have reacted to us putting the property on the market … and I think some have missed the point. It was never about me creating a garden as a final destination … something that would live on forever or would be taken on by the council or government. It was about providing a welcoming, inclusive home for my family and me.

“It was about showing what could be done that is ‘Starting a Patch from Scratch’, as a demonstration patch. Along the way we had 15 open gardens here, which were meant to inspire people to go out and start their patch, making a difference in their backyard, feeding their bodies and souls, providing habitat for the creatures they want to share our gardens with, greening our cities … and making the world a better place … Saving the World with Gardening … Literally!”

Sophie says ‘Sophie’s Patch’ will continue wherever she goes. We await her next move with interest!

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