Seedy Sales: The costly risk of buying overseas plants and seeds online. 

veggie seeds in craft paper envelope. Spring garden preparations for sowing seeds, organization and storage for safety.

Biosecurity is everybody’s responsibility, including Australian gardeners and online plant and seed enthusiasts. Lisa Passmore, EO of the Nursery and Garden Industry WA reports on a recent webinar.

The Department for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) webinar featured a panel of industry experts on the risks of buying or importing non-compliant plants or seeds online. “Buying overseas products can be risky and costly, not only for your pocket but if you purchase non-compliant goods, the consequences for the environment, industry and our economy can be devastating. Non-compliant imported plants and seeds can host destructive hitch-hiker pests and exotic diseases from which Australia is free, and which once in the community, can cause havoc.”

Webinar participants learnt about what to look for when purchasing online and the biosecurity and financial consequences of buying from non-complying operators. The webinar highlighted the onus is on the importer (buyer/customer) to ensure that the abide by import requirements and if in doubt to check BICON (biosecurity import conditions) or contact the department (DAFF) to confirm. And if something looks too good to be true…such as blue strawberries then the importer needs to question the integrity of the seller.


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