Media Release: Second Place at the 2024 Chelsea Flower and Garden Show

The horticultural community is celebrating as Cosmos ‘Cherry Chocolate’, a standout variety bred by Valin Genetics, has been awarded second place in the prestigious RHS Plant of the Year awards at the 2024 Chelsea Flower and Garden Show.

This recognition underscores the unique qualities of Cosmos ‘Cherry Chocolate’, known for its vibrant cherry-coloured flowers with a delightful chocolate scent and improved hardiness. The flowers are the largest of any Cosmos atrosanguineus, featuring contrasting yellow pollen that adds to their visual appeal. This plant blooms non-stop from summer to late autumn and is highly attractive to pollinators. This extended blooming season makes it a wonderful addition for gardeners looking to maintain continuous colour in their landscapes.

Cosmos ‘Cherry Chocolate’ is a hardy perennial that thrives in full sun and well-drained soil, ideal for Australian gardens. With its compact growth, reaching up to 60cm in height (with flowers) and a spread of about 40cm, it fits perfectly into small garden beds and containers.

Cosmos ‘Cherry Chocolate’ will be available to gardeners this coming spring in Australia. For more information about Cosmos ‘Cherry Chocolate’ and other award-winning plants, please visit

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