Save the Dates: 2023 Australian Bushfood Conference

Save the Dates: 27th & 28th May 2023

4808-4822 Mount Lindesay Highway North Maclean Q4280

Hosted by
Queensland Bushfood Association & Australian Technology and Agricultural College
Supported by
The Australian Institute of Horticulture

Design and Development of Urban Landscapes for Bush Food Production

We are pleased to invite you to attend the Australian Bushfoods Conference in May 28-29 2023 to honour the First Australians who had a wide range of uses for these plants including sustenance and medicine.
We also wish to support the growers and producers of Bush Foods who suffered devastating damage to their crops and financial security due to the floods over the past twelve months.
Our combined industry support for these growers will ensure they receive reduced registration fees for this conference.

Call for speakers and enquiries.:

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