Richgro debuts new Organics brand

Autumn 2019 will see the launch of Richgro Organics, a fully certified, 100% organic line of fertilisers designed to meet the needs of Aussie gardeners.

With the Australian Certified Organic bud logo prominently displayed the nine-strong range includes fertiliser varieties designed to provide the right nutrients and improve soil quality for a range of common plant types, garden styles and to tackle specific mineral deficiencies.

Specialist Richgro Organics formulations available from March 2019 include:

  • Vegetable and Tomato Plant Food
  • Fruit and Citrus Plant Food
  • Native and Protea Plant Food
  • Palm and Fern Plant Food
  • Rose and Flower Plant Food
  • Garden Complete Plant Food – a solid all-rounder
  • Nitrogen Growth Booster – for richer greens
  • Potash Fruit & Flower Booster – to improve yields of flowering and fruiting varieties
  • Phosphorous Root Health Booster – for quicker growth

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