Protecting our rainforests from invasive tropical weeds: Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Our National Tropical Weed Warriors have completed a successful 2022 dry season with the detection and control of more than 8,000 invasive tropical weeds in Queensland’s World Heritage Wet Tropics rainforests.

Our officers trekked over 5,600 hectares of rainforest habitat, or 3,487 cricket fields, searching for tropical weeds such as miconia, mikania vine, and limnocharis.

Removing these invasive weeds from our Wet Tropics rainforests is critical as they can outcompete native plants, disrupt the natural balance, and lead to biodiversity loss.

Some of the Wet Tropics rainforests targeted in last year’s dry season include the Daintree National Park, Barron Gorge National Park, Japoon National Park and Wooroonooran National Park. To report sightings of miconia, mikania vine or limnocharis, call 13 25 23 or report online.

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