Planting the seeds of change and fostering a love of nature: One Tree Per Child and Garden Centres Australia

Garden Centres Australia (GCA) is rallying all green-thumbed grandparents and parents to visit their local Garden Centres. The mission? Purchase a plant – be it a tree, shrub, or even an indoor plant – and get planting with their grandchildren or children.

With the aim of encouraging every child to plant at least one tree before they leave school, the One Tree Per Child initiative was founded by Olivia Newton-John and Jon Dee in 2015.

They were also the original founders of Australia’s highly successful ‘National Tree Day’. Olivia and Jon, along with a number of eminent ambassadors around the world, have worked tirelessly to promote solid community values and create a love of the environment in our children.

GCA is thrilled to announce its partnership with One Tree Per Child, which began as a grassroots tree-planting initiative in schools, councils, and communities. Now, through GCA, we are rolling out One Tree Per Child as an ongoing program to engage children and promote gardening as a wonderful activity for the whole family. It’s not just about the trees; it’s about sowing the seeds of environmental consciousness and stewardship.

Many of us can recall that our love for gardening came from our grandparents. GCA wants to promote this special relationship by providing a program to encourage an interest and connection to gardening from a young age.

The One Tree Per Child initiative in local Garden Centres takes the program to the next level. It provides an ongoing opportunity and legacy for children to be inspired by nature.

This initiative provides a collaborative campaign to bring families into the local Garden Centre on a regular basis to help educate their customers. It provides guidance on watering, fertilising, and protecting trees and plants from pests.

It encourages children to observe and record changes in the plant or tree over time. We want to combat the ‘I’m bored there’s nothing to do’ mentality. Gardening is a wonderful activity. As gardeners, we all know there’s always something to do or to observe, and that gardens and plants are good for the soul!

Together, we can make a lasting impact on the environment and inspire children and families to embrace the joy of gardening and support local businesses.

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