Organics recycling roadmap released

Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) has released its vision for the future. The plan is titled ‘Vision 2031 Roadmap’.

AORA, the national voice of the organics recycling industry, saw COVID-19 as an opportunity to reposition the future of AORA and the industry with greater national collaboration and significant growth. The 10-year strategy document is one of four documents outlining the industry’s future and helping to educate households, industry and government about the opportunities and benefits of recycling organics.

As part of AORA’s new strategy the association carried out an economic contribution study that showed that in 2018-19 Australia produced 14.6 million tonnes of organic waste, of which 5.6 million tonnes went to landfill; 7.5 million tonnes were recycled; and 1.5 million tonnes recovered as energy.

Australia’s overall organic recycling rate was 51.5 per cent. South Australia has the highest organics material recycling rate at 78.9 per cent and the Northern Territory the lowest rate at 19 per cent. The industry provides 4845 jobs to Australian resident. To find out more about the industry’s future, read the attached document.

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