NGIV concern over proposed closure of Swinburne University’s horticulture program

The Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria has expressed its disappointment with Swinburne University’s foreshadowed position on closing the VET horticulture department in its news release today.

The NGIV reports that it has expressed this concern directly to Madelyn Bolch, A/Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Vocational Education.

It is NGIV’s understanding that Swinburne is proposing to cease enrolling new students and discontinue offering horticulture courses by the end of 2023.

Following a consultation period, which closes on 18 May 2023, if Swinburne University’s decision is to close the department, NGIV has been given assurances that they will work toward transitioning students to other metropolitan providers where possible.

Where none are available, Swinburne has committed to continue delivery for current enrolled students.

NGIV feels for those affected employers and students and encourages them to utilise the support services offered by the NGIV. HMAA encourages concerned members to also express their views to Swinbourne University before May 18. For more information on the course closure see the latest news story on the ABC website.

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