New Yates Greywater Fertiliser turns greywater into plant food

Yates has introduced a brand new product to help home gardeners make the most of valuable greywater.

Yates Greywater Fertiliser has been specially formulated to be added to laundry, bath and shower greywater and has multiple benefits. It helps neutralise the effect of alkaline soaps and detergents on soil pH, contains added calcium to reduce the potential negative effects of greywater on soil quality, includes a biocide to kill unwanted microbes in greywater and contains nitrogen, potassium and chelated iron to turn greywater into plant food.

Add 20 – 40 mL of Yates Greywater Fertiliser to every 10 L of greywater and apply over lawns and around non-edible plants every 2 to 4 weeks.

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