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Adrian Parsons from Helix Australia is asking for help to name a new waxflower. Helix Australia specialises in the breeding, licensing and marketing of new and improved varieties of waxflower and boronia. Posting on Linkedin he wrote:

“I need your help! We’ve identified a promising new hybrid waxflower selection, breeding code WF 131, featuring a stunning purple hue, generous bloom size, robust plant health, and unique flowering schedule compared to other purple varieties.

Our recent releases, Purple Rain (Weeks 36-39) and Free Spirit (Weeks 38-40), have paved the way, but WF 131 blooms earlier (Weeks 33-36). To achieve a diverse waxflower colour palette of 50 per cent white, 25 per cent pink, and 25 per cent purple throughout the season, we’re seeking the perfect name for this exceptional addition.

There are no set guidelines for naming a new waxflower hybrid, so let your creativity soar! Share your suggestions to help us christen this remarkable variety. 💡 Some initial ideas include Celie and Cosmopolitan.

Thank you in advance for your input.

Adrian 🌿

hashtag#HybridWaxflower hashtag#NewVariety hashtag#FloralInnovation”

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