Member Profile: Neville Sloss

We all have a story to tell and HMASA’s long-term member Neville Sloss is no exception says June Taylor. He has done it all!

Neville Sloss’s working life has been and continues to be diversified. It has covered all aspects of the media including public relations and marketing where he has worked with a broad range of clients and experienced the highlights of a rewarding life in the horticultural world. Neville has also travelled Australia and the world even enjoying a stint at ‘lifestyle’ farming. He has a passion for and love of nature and all it has to offer.

Neville is a popular member of HMASA, who always maintains a positive attitude during his journey through life; but his early days weren’t always easy. Born in Perth, Neville was raised by his Uncle and Aunty in Glenelg, South Australia after his mother died when he was just 18 months old. He grew up with three cousins, who were like ‘sisters’ to him, but always stayed in contact with his two brothers and a sister, who continued to live in Western Australia.

Neville received a BA at Flinders University and took his first ‘real job’ with the ABC in Adelaide as a news journalist.

Neville’s love of the outdoors was possibly stimulated by being a sea scout where, on camping trips, he was at his happiest when immersed in nature. He joined Landcare when he owned an eight-hectare (20-acre) property in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. When he left the property to return to South Australia, it was in much better shape than when he bought it due to his work on the remnant rainforest along a creek within his property.

Travelling the world has always been a special love. After leaving Adelaide in 1990 he spent some 25 years travelling and working including a 12-year stint in Sydney, nearly two years in London and a tree change move to northern New South Wales.

Neville enjoys working in the horticultural industry and has had many exciting roles but says one of his highlights was working on a Nursery and Garden Industry Australia national project called ‘Oz Nouveaux’ back in 2001. This initiative was aimed at promoting different garden styles for smaller gardens – an idea which certainly would work in today’s world.

Returning to South Australia from northern New South Wales he worked for the Nursery and Garden Industry South Australia and was a key figure in producing SALife Gardens & Outdoor, an industry publication that is probably the envy of all states.

Neville Sloss turns 70 next year but has no thoughts of retiring. “I am enjoying the two current roles I have and I’m always on the lookout for something interesting to tackle,” he explains. Neville currently manages and does marketing for 13 garden centres in the Garden Centres of SA group and is also Editor and Advertising Manager for the Australian Nut Grower, a national quarterly magazine.

“I have met many media people throughout my life, and I value the important role that HMAA plays. I have been involved in the association since its inception way back when it was formed in Adelaide in the early 1990s,” Neville said.

Living in Adelaide, Sydney, then northern New South Wales, Neville has been in the unique position of being a member of HMAA in three states, including two at the one time!

“I could see the role that HMAA could play – that’s why I convinced Bedding Plants Australia, my client at the time, to be the sponsor for the dinner when it all began,” says Neville.

Despite being still busy working in the garden and horticulture industry, Neville finds time to construct and work in a new garden at his home at the beautiful seaside suburb of Aldinga Beach on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula.

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