Media Release: Weeding between the lines

Media Release
November 2023

Long live weediness!

Weeding between the lines will make you see your surroundings quite differently. Meander through this anthology to learn how nature, science and art intertwine to create the landscapes we live in.

John Dwyer, KC, brings his legal mind, philosophical training and knowledge gained doing a PhD on weeds, to this collection of essays about plants that some deem to be in the wrong place, and what these tell us about our relationship with nature.

Dwyer combines horticultural expertise with an appreciation of literature and art to present weeds in ways you’ve never before considered. Who knew morning glory contains an alkaloid similar to LSD? Or would agree that daffodils should be considered a weed?

These essays make an important contribution to understanding Australia’s cultural landscape. They trace not only the story of how introduced species – indigenous and exotic – came to be part of the landscape but also cast light on how we bring to gardening not only botanical choices but also aesthetic and nostalgic ones.

The 200-page book, published by the Australian Garden History Society, which promotes knowledge of historic gardens, significant landscapes and research into their history. It examines gardens and gardening in their widest social, historic, literary, artistic and scientific context.

The book is fully illustrated with both historical depictions of plants as well as high-quality photographs Retail price is $50 (plus $10 postage within Australia) and is available from the AGHS online shop at:

Please contact the editor, Francesca Beddie, to arrange an interview with John Dwyer or to request a review copy of the book.

Francesca Beddie:; mobile: 0418645181


The mission of the Australian Garden History Society is to promote awareness and conservation of significant gardens and cultural landscapes.

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